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By Ryan Schuler


Take a look at Blake Sterger.

He may look like any other athletic 16-year-old, but what you don’t know is how long fitness has been a part of his life.
Growing up in a fitness-oriented family, Blake has always been active. He played baseball and soccer growing up, but fell in love with lacrosse at the age of eight and has continued it ever since.
“My friend Sam’s dad asked my parents if I could go to a clinic. The second I got there, I said, ‘This is the sport I’m playing. I’m playing lacrosse.’’’
Now as a sophomore at Rancho Bernardo High School, Blake will be starting on the varsity lacrosse team after spending last season on junior varsity!
In order to play at the next level, Blake knew he had to step up his training, so he started working out two hours every day throughout summer and beginning of this school year. His workouts are primarily weight lifting, but Blake also works in cardio for speed and to stay agile.
Not only is Blake motivated to do well on the lacrosse field, but also in the classroom. Last year as a freshman in high school, Blake struggled with organization and procrastination, which hurt his grades.
As a sophomore, he has made more of an effort to be organized, setting a nightly routine of homework followed by working out. The results are easily seen.
“I’ve been doing all my homework and getting better grades on my tests,” Blake said. “I’m way more organized.”
Blake knows there is a link between his training and improvement in school, and he encourages kids his age and younger to adopt the same lifestyle.
“If you have that motivation in one aspect, it will carry over into the next aspect,” Blake said. “Get that motivation to be healthy and it will work out with your schoolwork. You’ll be able to choose what you want to do with your future.”
The motivation is something Blake hopes to carry with him for the rest of his life. In the future, Blake would like a job in fitness and to coach lacrosse.
•    Blake’s is a fan of action and suspense, so his favorite television shows are Bones and Hawaii Five-O.
•    His favorite workout is abs because you have to push yourself.
•    Blake loves photography, hiking and going to the beach.
•    Blake competed in a 20-mile bike race on his eighth birthday.



Sloan Says Keep Exercise Fun!

Nine-year-old Sloan Theios of San Diego knows how to put the F-U-N into her R-U-N! Just this year, she covered herself in UV glow powder to run the wild and crazy Blacklight 5K. Then she took on the Awesome 80s Run and dressed up in a neon skirt and bowtie.

When asked, “Who’s fastest? You, your step-mom, or your Aunt?” Sloan paused and said, “Me, I think.” Confirmation came from the Awesome 80s Run that she is, in fact, fastest when she crossed the finish line in front of her family!

Sloan balances out her activities with gymnastics and surfing. When surfing, Sloan likes to do lots of turns and assures us that when she is older she is going to “jump.” Sounds like she’ll be catching air soon!

Sloan has two younger sisters, Reese and Grace. Sloan says the best thing about being the big sister is “I can babysit them with my own rules when I’m older.”

An amazing daughter and awesome big sister, Sloan enjoys a fun mix of activities to keep her happy and feelin’ healthy. Sloan says the best thing about running is, “I get exercise and it’s fun!”

Sloan’s Favorite Food: Lasagna
Sloan’s Favorite Shoe: My Blue Shoes
Sloan’s Favorite Vacation: Hawaii

5-Year-Old Born To Run

2015 Nov CYW Story_E#65D714 (2)Meet Ella Lemig. She’s five years old. And she LOVES to run. Her super fast, zebra-striped Adidas running shoes give her away.

Her mom, Mandy, explains, “Ella took her first steps at nine months, and she basically started running the next day.”

Ella’s dad, Steve, began running with her in a stroller when she was four months old. “By the time she was about ten months, she didn’t want to be in the stroller anymore,” he says. “She wanted out and she’d run along side me—a half mile or more at a time.”

Now five, Ella has run up to two miles all at once, and has hiked more than five miles without stopping. But, her parents don’t force her to run. She just loves it. She says, “I feel excited when I run.”

In fact, she says, “I run with Dad. Every time I win.” Then, seeing Dad’s surprised look, she adds, “Sometimes Dad wins.”

When asked what else she likes to do, Ella says, “Jogging, running, scootering, going fast, riding my bike, skiing, rock climbing, hiking.” Then she looks at the Wall-E robot she’s holding in her hand and asks, “What are your favorite sports? He says, ‘Waaaall-E!’ He doesn’t talk very well.”

Looking ahead, the Lemig family is excited to enter their first race as a family next spring. The principal at her elementary school challenges students and families to a race each year. Ella will be there and, whether or not she crosses the finish line first, she will no doubt win.

Some of Ella’s favorite things:
Favorite food: Morningstar veggie sausages
Favorite color: Green (was blue last week)
Favorite movie: Wall-E
Favorite animal: Hippopotamus (was a zebra last week)

How Do You Get 500 Heroes Fully Energized?

Socks for Soldiers, Road Runner Sports, and YOU team up every year to donate thousands of fresh, cushiony socks to U.S. soldiers and let them know they’re cared for and supported every step of the way. Enjoy these stories from our soldiers around the world.


Recently Shannon Alvarez shared a story with us we had to re-tell. While Shannon’s husband Senior Chief Louie Alvarez was busy working, a buzz began around the base that quickly spread among the 500 member Navy battalion. Care packages had arrived full of socks, LOTS of socks. Senior Chief Alvarez didn’t think too much of it, probably just general issue socks. As the excitement peaked, Louie had to go check it out. As Louie made his way to the center of the sock frenzy he quickly recognized the sock packaging. The Senior Chief let his battalion know, “You guys don’t understand, these are GOOD socks! I use these socks; they’re from Road Runner Sports!” Louie couldn’t believe it. All 500 members of Louie’s battalion got awesome socks that day.
When Louie came home from work with his two bags of socks, his wife Shannon said, “They even say, ‘You are our hero’ in the band of the sock! How nice is that?”

Shannon and Louie Alvarez live In Port Hueneme California with their daughters Mia and Eva, ages 3 and 6 months. Shannon says, “Staying active through running and Crossfit really refreshes us and keeps us going.” Shannon and Louie are VIP Family members and enjoy running along the California coast.

•    Louie & Shannon recently found out they love Brooks shoes!

•    Louie feels rewarded having represented our country in Japan, Cambodia and the Philippines.

Ex-Marine Helps Others Train for Life

Socks for Soldiers, Road Runner Sports, and YOU team up every year to donate thousands of fresh, cushiony socks to U.S. soldiers and let them know they’re cared for and supported every step of the way. Enjoy these stories from our soldiers around the world.


Mike Rodriguez never stops. When he’s not patrolling our nation’s remotest and busiest border areas by helicopter on guard for drug trafficking, he’s coaching Cross Fit at his very own CrossFit Oracle in Chula Vista, CA. Mike served 9 years in the Marines as a Platoon Sergeant and spent the last 9 as a Border Patrol Agent. Mike says one of the most powerful takeaways from his military service is the brotherhood and lasting bonds of friendship.

We caught up with Mike and his beautiful family, wife Rosy, 3-year-old Kylie, and newborn Keilani at our Road Runner Sports San Diego store. Rosy is pretty busy too running the gym and coaching CrossFit classes until Mike comes in after work.  Rosy shares that, “I did CrossFit all the way through my pregnancy, I like to empower female athletes and to break stereotypes. My friend Melissa thought she could never do this and now she can’t stop!” Mike adds, “Coaching is so important for learning proper techniques so you stay injury-free.”

Mike also volunteers coaching at other CrossFit boxes and helps coach high school wrestling, football, and track. Mike got into CrossFit when he was training for the Border Patrol, “It was tough for everyone, but I noticed the guys who were doing CrossFit were having just a little bit easier time of it. In 2008, I tried my first workout and couldn’t finish it.” Mike powered through of course, “At CrossFit Oracle we promote a family-like experience. If you’re training for the CrossFit Games or to lose sizes, that’s great! But, we also train you for life; mobility, strength, flexibility, and a strong mind, that way if a major health issue does arise you will respond and recover better.”

•    Every year Mike runs the Baker to Las Vegas relay with the National Border Patrol Team.
•    Mike went on deployment to Iraq in 2004-2005.
•    For running Mike swears by Nikes.
•    Mike’s motto: The body can achieve what the mind perceives!

The Jones Family Proudly Serving Country, Charity & Community

Socks for Soldiers, Road Runner Sports, and YOU team up every year to donate thousands of fresh, cushiony socks to U.S. soldiers and let them know they’re cared for and supported every step of the way. Enjoy these stories from our soldiers around the world.

IMG_9546From the far western Pacific Ocean, on the tropical island of Guam, Lisa Jones gives a shout out to the sailor she is most proud of, “My husband Steve has served in the Navy for 21 years and is one of five Master Chiefs in the career field of Mineman, and is a runner.” Soldiers & sailors put their lives on the line everyday and we think of them as super beings. The truth is soldiers and sailors need running and fitness to relax and calm their nerves just like the rest of us. Maybe even more!

Master Chief Petty Officer Steve Jones believes “Running is an opportunity to clear my head, gather my thoughts and plan my day.” Given Steve’s duties, a clear head is important, Steve describes a Mineman’s work, “At sea we detect and neutralize mines and unmanned underwater vehicles, and on shore we maintain service on training mines and supplement missile loading and torpedo maintenance teams.”

Steve, Lisa and 6-year-old son Brody all run, workout and give back to charities. Lisa says, “We love supporting groups like Team Red, White & Blue who connect veterans to their communities through physical and social activities like running, coffee meetups & just hanging out. Twice we ran the Marine Corps Marathon supporting The Fisher House Foundation. They provide homes away from home where military and veterans’ families stay while a loved one is getting treatment. As a veteran myself (Lisa served in the Air Force for 7 years) we want veterans to know we are here for them and appreciate all they have done for us and for our country.”

Steve & Lisa also enjoy CrossFit, weightlifting and cycling. Lisa says, “I love yoga for the stretch, flexibility and mental benefits.” Let’s not forget about little Brody, “He’s run over 20 races now and even has his own medal holder!”

• Steve and Lisa met in Virginia and have lived all around the U.S. This is their second tour on Guam.

• Steve – “Guam can be a culture shock for some, it has taught us to live a simple life and you don’t need all the department stores. If you love the outdoors there is always something to do.”

• Lisa – “We love the island life and a beautiful beach within a mile of our house. I love that our son gets to have this experience and I love the close relationships we have formed through the Navy and the running club.”

• Favorite Running Shoe?
Steve: Asics Nimbus
Lisa: Asics Nimbus
Brody: Asics Pre Contend 2
Yes, we are an Asics family!

Kristen Ran To Fight Against Cancer & Start Living Life Again!

CYW Kristen

“Three weeks after my 30th birthday, I heard 3 words that changed my life forever: YOU HAVE CANCER.” Melanoma struck Kristen during the prime of her life & for the next 2 years she struggled to feel normal and lost her workout routine.

That’s when Kristen got involved with and started meeting fellow survivors, many of them runners. “A new fire sparked within me and I realized I owed it to myself to get back out there and start living life!” So, in 2013 Kristen challenged herself to12 races. Kristen did all 12 and capped them off with her first half marathon. “Cancer may have interrupted my life and my health, but running gave me an outlet to feel like ME again.”

That’s when Kristen’s love for running erupted! In 2014 she accomplished her 14-race goal, including 7 more half marathons! She posted a facebook photo for every run, dedicating all her miles to important people in her life, often friends battling cancer or those she’d lost to cancer. “I decked out the back of my race shirts with my favorite cancer organization logos to honor my cancer family, spread awareness & celebrate my survivorship.”

Kristen sums up her experience, “Running has taught me I am strong and how to push myself physically, mentally & emotionally to reach my goals. Just like cancer, running has taught me that I am a survivor!”

• In all, Kristen ran 26 races to fight against cancer
• The mission of Stupidcancer is to build community, improve quality of life, and provide meaningful survivorship
• Check out to empower those affected by young adult cancer

Blue Star Mothers Shining Strong for Our Troops!

CYW Terry

Terry is chapter president of the Oregon Blue Star Mothers who have tirelessly supported the military, their families and our veterans since 1942.

Terry got started with Blue Star Mothers when her son joined the Navy in 1996, “Alone as a single parent, I found the national Blue Star Mothers group online for support. Then, in 2008 some local moms started a chapter in my area and the rest is history!”

“We send care packages to the troops and raise funds with events like our Run for the Fallen, a 5K in Clackamas honoring our fallen heroes. Those care packages really mean a lot once in the hands of our deployed soldiers.” Those care packages contain goods like candy, cookies, tuna, sports cards, and footballs. Terry adds, “We have a list on our website if you’d like to help out.”

We met Terry at the Portland Road Runner Sports where she was participating in our Run Like a Girl Event. Terry wears Nikes and her favorite place to walk is the Oregon coast line. “The more active I am the better I feel.”

Next for Terry and her Blue Star Mothers chapter is designing and building a memorial refuge at the Willamette National Cemetery for peaceful reflection on the many sacrifices made by our brave service men and women.

• Terry’s favorite shoes are Nikes
• In one year, Blue Star Mothers sent 74,123 care packages to members of the Armed Forces, giving more than 250,000 military personnel a little bit of love from home
• Check out Blue Star Mothers at

Cam & Zan Go Coast to Coast for Kids!

CYW Cam Zam

Last summer Cameron Coupe and Zan Roman walked 3000 miles from Seattle to New York City to raise money for Seattle Children’s Hospital. The goal was $10,000 and all of the money the 19-year-olds raised was donated to Autism Research and the Uncompensated Care Fund at Seattle Children’s Hospital. The dynamic duo was on the road for 165 days, from May ‘til October. Now that’s commitment!

During the cross-country odyssey Cam and Zan slept in tents roughly 132 nights and travelled with stroller-like carts toting tents, gear, and supplies. Other nights, Cam and Zan were treated to beds, home-cooked meals, restaurants, and local attractions by volunteer families. During much-needed reprieves from the road, Cam and Zan checked out a petrified wood park, the world’s largest chair, a Chicago Cubs game, a science museum, and even a Paul McCartney concert in St. Paul, Minnesota.

The cause was one close to the heart as affected members of Cam & Zan’s families helped inspire their mission. Their mission was to walk coast to coast to promote action, perseverance, and life. To benefit an organization in their home state, see their nation one step at a time, and positively affect the lives of others. Mission accomplished!

• Cam & Zan averaged 17 miles a day for nearly 6 months!
• Some days they travelled as many as 37 miles!
• Read all about this amazing journey on Cam & Zan’s Facebook page>

Being Part of Team Hernandez Is Awesome!

image1“I’m Tina and it all began when our 11- and 7-year-olds, Elena and Lucas, joined the school track team and my husband Daniel started coaching. The first time we ran with the kids, we loved it! We saw how exhilarated they were, and how awesome it felt to be part of a team.”

Who’s fastest in the family? “I am!” says 7-year old Lucas who qualified for the USATF Cross Country Nationals in South Carolina. Lucas and his father Danny, Grandpa Nick, and Uncle John all made the road trip together to cheer on Lucas down in South Carolina!

While Lucas competes to win, his big sister 11-year-old Elena believes that, “Staying fit and healthy is the best reward of running.” Their parents, Tina and Danny should be proud. Tina explains, “I feel running as a family sets an example for the kids that we as parents practice health and fitness.”

Tina and Danny have been putting in some serious work! They chose a Ragnar Relay as a get-away together with a team of friends, Tina relates, “Ragnar was one of the coolest experiences I’ve had. With all our friends it was like a big party but also, pushing through the physical challenge was truly exhilarating!”
Danny adds, “Ragnar was truly gratifying to see what both the team and individual runner can accomplish together.

If you want a running family too, take Elena’s advice, “Start slowly and work your way up to build endurance. Have fun and encourage each other!” The family all agrees “Have fun and be proud of what you can accomplish!”

  • Danny, Tina, Elena, and Lucas have done 4 races as a family!
  • Parents Danny & Tina are training for the Trenton ½ and the New Hampshire Ragnar Relay.