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AHA MISSION: To help children with disabilities soar to new heights by providing them with handcycles so they feel free to join in the family fun!

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SHARING THE DREAM: Since 2000, Road Runner Sports and Athletes Helping Athletes have provided handcycles to over 540 children with disabilities. AHA is also supporting handcycle programs throughout the U.S.

Handcycles help children be free and achieve:

  • Higher self-esteem
  • Independence
  • Satisfaction of overcoming personal challenges
  • Increased strength, endurance and health
  • Fun, camaraderie, and friendship

Handcycles are expensive. They cost $2,000 to $4,500, or more! That puts them out of reach for many families of children with disabilities. And it’s rarely covered by insurance. But, the benefits of handcycles far outweigh the cost. You can change a child’s life by contributing to AHA today at your local Road Runner Sports store.

Make a donation today and help children with disabilities get in the action with friends and family!